Are you considering buying shares in a yearling in 2019?

The team at Eales Racing have begun preparations for the upcoming yearling sales in Karaka, New Zealand. The Karaka sales commence on the 27th January 2019 followed by the Inglis Classic Sale in Sydney on the 9th -14th February and the Inglis Premier Sale on the 3rd -6th or March.

To enable us to purchase the right type of yearlings at the very best prices, we invite you to register your interest in owning a potential winner below.

Have you got any questions before registering your interest?

It’s easy to register your interest, please complete the form below

Please note, this is an expression of interest only. You will NOT be locked into a purchase.

We are a certified Syndication company and hold a current AFSL with ASIC Licence #466495

Please answer a few simple questions below. Your responses will help us to tailor our acquisitions to our clients’ preferences.

Are you intending to buy into any yearlings with Eales Racing Syndications in 2019?


Do you prefer to buy fillies or colts?


What style of horse would you like to buy into?

Do you enjoy racing in a smaller (up to 8 owners) or larger group of owners?


What is your preferred level of investment in a yearling? (total sale price rather than individual share cost)

Will you be attending any of these sales?

If yes, would you be interested in meeting our team and experiencing the selection and acquisition process? If so, for which sale/s

In which state would you prefer to race?


What if I am not sure if I want to buy into a yearling?

That’s OK. Expressing your interest via this form allows us to provide all the information to help you decide. You are not committing to a purchase, but you will be afforded the first option to purchase. Plus, you can opt out any time.

Can I advise more detailed preferences?

Upon completing this form, a second form can be completed to advise your preferences. They may include preferred share percentage, horse value, horse gender and type (Sprinter, Miler, Mid-Distance, Stayer). You can update these preferences at any time leading up to each yearling sale.

Can I choose the horse I buy into?

Yes. Registering your interest will help us buy the right number of the right types of horses, at the right price points. You should then have a better selection to choose from, in your budget range.

I am a client of Eales Racing. Do I have to complete this form?

If you think you may buy into another yearling in 2019, we recommend that you do. Not only are your preferences important to us, but we can share all the information about the yearling selection process and provide you the first option on the yearlings purchased.

What would be the costs?

Upon registering your interest we will provide details on the likely costs, with only the value of the yearling and insurance costs changing from horse to horse. We pride ourselves on the transparency we provide in advance of the yearling sales, so you know what to expect.

Can I speak to the ERS team if I have questions?

Absolutely! Contact Tracey Mizzi to discuss. | 0408 658 924

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  • WINS

    La Tigeresa – 13/02/2019
    Sickening – 21/11/2018
    Bondeiger – 30/09/2018
    Saibye – 16/09/2018
    La Tigeresa – 18/06/2018
    Dreaded – 28/03/2018
    Matriachal – 28/02/2018
    Bondeiger – 28/02/2018
    Matriachal – 18/02/2018
    Bondeiger – 10/02/2018
    Bondeiger – 26/01/2018
    Battlecamp – 20/01/2018
    Dreaded – 26/12/2017
    So Little Time – 11/11/2017
    Cryfowl – 23/10/2017
    Pure Rebel – 10/08/2017
    Pure Rebel – 11/07/2017
    Pure Rebel – 01/07/2017
    Queen Ouija – 28/05/2017
    Dreaded – 09/05/2017
    Battlecamp – 15/02/2017
    Sickening – 05/11/2016
    Verstappen – 09/10/2016
    Queen Ouija – 14/08/2016
    Verstappen – 05/08/2016
    Dreaded – 01/07/2016
    Queen Ouija – 25/06/2016
    Awakenings – 09/06/2016
    Dreaded – 27/05/2016
    Awakenings – 20/05/2016


    Pure Rebel – 05/03/19
    La Tigeresa – 23/01/19
    La Tigeresa – 10/01/19
    Coherence – 11/12/18
    Saibye – 30/08/18
    Battlecamp – 12/03/18
    Dreaded – 31/01/18
    Coherence – 28/11/17
    Battlecamp – 08/09/17
    Verstappen – 29/08/17
    Pure Rebel – 29/07/17
    Queen Ouija – 17/04/17
    Verstappen – 18/03/17
    Verstappen – 24/02/17
    Bondeiger – 26/12/16
    Dreaded – 30/11/2016
    Condolences – 25/10/2016
    Chivalry – 01/07/2016
    Battlecamp – 04/06/2016
    Battlecamp – 22/05/16


    Dejakkal – 14/03/2019
    Battlecamp – 20/02/2019
    Battlecamp – 19/01/2019
    Coherence – 03/01/2019
    Pure Rebel – 04/11/2018
    Sickening – 12/09/2018
    Bondeiger – 08/09/2018
    Bondeiger – 28/07/2018
    La Tigeresa – 02/06/2018
    Matriarchal – 01/04/2018
    Matriarchal – 12/12/2017
    Coherence – 12/11/2017
    Dreaded – 29/07/2017
    Matriachal – 13/07/2017
    Pure Rebel – 11/06/2017
    Battlecamp – 28/01/2017
    Bondeiger – 07/01/2017
    Dreaded – 19/11/16
    Dreaded – 08/10/16
    Battlecamp – 26/09/16
    Matriarchal – 26/09/16
    Queen Ouija – 14/07/16
    Queen Ouija – 29/05/16