The Eales Success Story

In 2009, Laurence Eales came to national prominence when his horse, Shocking was the surprise winner of the 2009 Emirates Melbourne Cup. While many racegoers may have been aware of his other famous horse, Whobegotyou, Shocking’s Cup win was for many unexpected. However, those that know Eales well say Shocking’s win comes as no surprise.

In 2007 Laurence paid a mere $64,000 for Shocking at the Magic Millions National Horses in Training Sale. Two year’s earlier he purchased stablemate Whobegotyou for the canny sum of $19,000. Whobegotyou has to date has won 2 Group one races including the 2008 Caulfield Guineas and winnings of over $2.6 million. Melbourne Cup winner Shocking has won a total of 6 races to date with prize winnings totalling over $4.2 million.

At only 37, Eales has achieved the ultimate dream for any racehorse owner to have won a Melbourne Cup and the victory made even sweeter in the knowledge that he single handily chose the talented Stallion.

Laurence attributes much of his success in being able to size up potential champions to the hands on education he received from his father and growing up on the farm surrounded by horses. The son of a butcher who bred his own cattle and Arabian horses as a hobby, his father encouraged him to foster his love of horses and riding pursuits.

For Eales, backing his judgement has paid dividends in both business and racing. At the age of 27 he founded Excavators Australia, a company he built up from one man and his excavator to today employing over 200 staff. Now known as EA Hire Equipment, the company is one of the country’s largest suppliers of heavy equipment and operator hire.

Modest in his assesment of his achievements, Eales firmly believes that backing his own judgement has served him well in both his business and racing endeavours.

A straight talker, Laurence thrives on the challenge of hand picking future champions and now through Eales Racing hopes to help others achieve their racing dream.

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